The International Evidence Locker App Update

Untitled-2Atrocity evidence from conflict and post-conflict countries is often unavailable, of poor quality, unverifiable, or simply nonexistent. The International Evidence Locker (IEL) app is a free, downloadable phone application that enables a user to take a picture of an atrocity in progress, encrypt it, and send it instantaneously to a secure drop-box at a human rights organization for evidence storage.

Many exciting things have been happening in the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Center (BBC) at the Medical College of Wisconsin since receipt of the USAID grant award.

We have collaborated with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee App Brewery and its students to redesign, redevelop, and redeploy the International Evidence Locker (IEL) phone app. Based on recommendations provided by Amnesty International field team testing, we plan to improve functionality by:


  • Allowing the app to be disguised as a functional generic app to enhance security.
  • Bench testing conducted by the BBC engineering team.
  • Field-testing performed by a local police department.
  • Redeploying of the app with Amnesty International teams for additional feedback.
  • Initiating dialogue with the International Criminal Court to determine the best format for evidence delivery, thereby ensuring photo documentation can be used in future criminal prosecutions.

USAID’s funding has been instrumental in the redesign and further development of the second version of the IEL app. We look forward to providing more exciting updates in the near future!