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People’s Intelligence Update

People’s Intelligence (PI), one of the winners of┬áthe Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention, is an expert system that automates the crowdsourcing, evaluation and verification of information in hard-to-access areas, provides actionable feedback to the source of the information and sends early warnings to partner organizations. PI addresses many of the shortcomings of current documentation initiatives using crowdsourcing: lack of relevant and quality information, no or limited assessment of the reliability

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People’s Intelligence: Early Achievements and Next Steps

The news is out, USAID awarded a seed grant to PI among other winners of the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention co-sponsored by Humanity United.   A lot happened since we applied for this USAID seed grant earlier this year, including being awarded a first small grant by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund which allowed us to make some headway in presenting PI to a series of prospective human rights and

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