Ambassador Power Mentions Tech Challenge Winner, MediCapt, in Speech at Yale University

Photo: Samantha Power speaking at the United Nations Office at Geneva in 2010.

Samantha Power speaking at the United Nations Office at Geneva in 2010. Photo: Eric Bridiers

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, recently delivered the Chubb Fellowship Lecture at Yale University’s Timothy Dwight College. In her remarks, she mentions MediCapt, a project of Physicians for Human Rights and winner of the Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention’s Capture challenge.


“We can improve accountability for violence against women and girls, through strengthening documentation of abuses and the capacity of justice officials to prosecute perpetrators. Physicians for Human Rights created a mobile app, MediCapt, which it piloted this year in the Congo, and which converts standardized medical intake forms into a way to gather forensic documentation for prosecutions. When a medical professional fills out the form using the app, it is immediately turned into a digital record, which can be used by prosecutors to trace patterns and build cases against perpetrators. The app can be used with a digital camera, allowing medical professionals to supplement their written reports with photographs of key evidence, such as physical bruising.”


Read her full speech here.